I knew it! Stephen Thompson anticipated the result between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal

Stephen Thompson.

Hours before the magnificent knockout of Kamaru usman, Stephen Thompson anticipated what could happen. Jorge Masvidal He suffered one of the most powerful blows in UFC history, so the image will go down in history. In any case, some thought in the previous one that this was a possible result, although many others believed that the “BMF” champion would keep the belt.

In that way, in the previous one, Thompson he had said, “I mean, on paper, yes I’m choosing Usman to win again. Of course, there is something in me where it would be great to have something that throws things a bit more, to make things more exciting. I think it would be great if Masvidal He wins, but I have Usman. Masvidal filled in about 12 of Usman’s takedowns in the last fight.

He blew his head off! Kamaru Usman and a knockout from another planet against Jorge Masvidal

‘I don’t think he started getting knocked down until he got tired and exhausted. Now he has a full camp and you know he’s in great shape. A Masvidal lit is no one to play with. Excited to see him, he can accomplish anything. Look at what he’s done in the past with flying dudes on their knees, TKO Nate Diaz knocked out Darren Till. The guy is an animal and you can’t stop him », he closed Stephen.

The fight

At UFC 261 this Saturday, Kamaru usman put out an impressive hand and knocked out Jorge Masvidal spectacularly. The Nigerian Welterweight Champion proved that he is the best fighter of the moment, making it clear that there is no one who can beat him for now. In the rematch against who seemed to be the one who could take the crown from him, he returned home with his title. In addition, he knew how to silence a stadium with fifteen thousand spectators against him.

After a very attractive first round, the current champion was able to get the best of himself in the second. In the first part, Kamaru usman dominated with the fight and many important blows, while Jorge Masvidal tried powerful right hands. Anyway, in the second round, the African hit an impressive hand and left the Cuban-American contender in another galaxy.

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