Nothing was saved! Jake Paul made a fool of Dana White for her latest sayings

Jake Paul.

After what Dana White will shoot against Jake paul, the youtuber did not remain silent and replied. The President of UFC, a leading company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, assures that the influencer was lucky with Ben Askren and that this will not happen again. Therefore, the latter, true to his style, came out forcefully at the crossroads. Understanding the above, he made a fool of the president.

Starting with his sayings, Dana White He said: “He knocked out an NBA player who was 40 years old and weighed 30 pounds less than him. I don’t even know what to think about Ben Askren. This is all fucking mind-blowing for me, but good for him. Take that money while you can, boy. I don’t believe anything Triller says. That’s a damn circus. None of this is real.

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Do you think any of that shit that is happening there is real? Come on man. I built a real business here, a real sport. DanaYou said you would win $ 1 million if I lost. Prepare Askren to train with Freddie Roach. I gave him full access to the UFC Performance Institute and they still gave him the cul *. In my third fight, I made more money in total salary than any other fighter in the history of UFC“, answered Paul.

With a lot of height

On the other hand, Jake He also argued that: “Perhaps it is time to pay your fighters their fair share? It’s no wonder everyone wants to get into boxing. DanaYou say you do the fights fans want to see, so hurry up and have Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou. Pay them their fair share. $ 10 million coin for each boy plus pay per event.

«Why are the fighters of UFC are they so poorly paid compared to boxers? Why did I do more in my third fight than all but two UFC fighters (Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor) in history? I know why, “he concluded Jake paul, who clearly looks better off than many MMA stars. That is why he believes he has the power to convince anyone.

Jake Paul’s post on Twitter.

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