Terrible! Valentina Shevchenko spoke after a new defense Will there be a trilogy with Amanda Nunes?

Valentina Shevchenko.

After what was the UFC 261, Valentina shevchenko he spoke with the press and left a bomb. The champion, who defeated Jessica Andrade by TKO this past Saturday, is looking for another queen for her next battle. According to what she herself said, although she does not want to rush things, she understands that there will be a trilogy with Amanda nunes early. It should be noted that she lost the first two, although many believe that she beat the Brazilian once.

In a beginning, Shevchenko He said: “I want to do something different. I just want to keep showing and being a true martial artist. Not someone who says, ‘okay, this name is convenient, as if it brought more things.’ And this is not so. I just don’t like these things. I want to be very honest in what I do and continue what I do in my weight class and my division. It doesn’t matter who’s going to be in front of me, I just want to show that I’m better. “

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“I just didn’t want to say anything before the fight, I really liked it because on the one hand it created some kind of interest in the fight. But I was so sure of my power, of what I can do and what I can contribute, so I said, ‘okay, it will be a surprise for you, I will let you believe in your power.’ I try not to bring emotional things into the fight. I felt it was more about fans, “said the champion.

Trust your weapons

On the other hand, Valentina He refuted: «They bring me this feeling that I had today. Like I said, my energy just went all the way up. It’s kind of interesting, if you could see fights like the ones I had before, for example, when I fought Holly Holm, everyone thought she was going to beat me in punches. I just prepare to do this. I can say exactly about my career as a fighter, it’s not going to end anytime soon. I plan to fight for a long time.

I think this fight is going to happen. I’m not going to push her like, ‘give me a Amanda Right now, I’m going to smash his face. ‘ I’m not going to say it because I know this fight is going to happen. It’s going to literally happen when everyone feels like there is no more, just this fight makes sense for everyone. I know that at this moment everyone wants to hear a name immediately after the fight, like giving me the next name, “he said. Valentina shevchenko.

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