Accept defeat: Jorge Masvidal praised Kamaru Usman’s technique to knock him out

Jorge Masvidal.

Kamaru usman was the king of UFC 261, after knocking out Jorge Masvidal and leave it on another planet. The Nigerian Welterweight Champion proved that he is the best fighter of the moment, ensuring that there is no one who can beat him at the moment. But, after the great contest this weekend, the defeated spoke with the press and gave his version of what happened in Jacksonville.

Starting with your words, Masvidal He said, “I look at it and I’m like ‘Wow, perfect time.’ That is misleading. I thought I was going to shoot, and when I realized it wasn’t a shot, it was too late. I was throwing my left hook check, but it was too late. I misread the information, so it sold me wonderfully, and that’s why it got those results. “

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“At the time, I am a fan because I love the sport so much, and it was a beautiful technique. There were definitely some bad times and some good times that came out of that fight. I’m ready for what’s next you know I `m 36 years old. I still feel good. I can still push myself in the gym and not be overwhelmed, even by young people, so why not try again you know? Jorge.

The words of the champion

In that sense, Usman He expressed hours ago: «I am satisfied. That’s what I said, I was not satisfied with the last one and I wanted to be satisfied tonight and I got it. It is satisfying. I wanted to be satisfied tonight. When I compete against another man, I want it to be satisfying to know that that man respects me for what I do. That’s all. I am satisfied”.

“There were two preparations in that right hand that I imagined landing and that was one of them. I tried the second in the first round, but he’s a veteran, it’s a game and he saw it coming. He just had to keep his composure and he was going to find it. Additional shots? what do you mean? Those extra shots? The referee hasn’t taken me away yet. I continue until the referee takes me out, ”said the Nigerian.

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