Does it come with everything? Khamzat Chimaev wants Nick Diaz and then another UFC legend

Khamzat Chimaev.

Khamzat Chimaev, renowned Swedish fighter from UFC, had COVID-19 and his career has been affected by it. Now, he himself spoke with the press and claimed to be physically better. In that sense, he admits that he is interested in fighting with Nick Diaz, although the best would come later. If there is that fight and he is the winner, he wants to go for Kamaru usman, the current Welterweight champion.

Starting, Chimaev He said, ‘I want to fight him. That will be good. I saw his fight when I was a kid, now I’m going to fight him. Perfect for me. I like. I want to see who the real gangster is. I think he’s a real gangster in this sport, but we’ll see. I was never afraid of my life. I was afraid of what I am going to do with my mom and my family. That’s what scared me. That’s why I said that maybe I was done with the sport.

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«My health is more important to me because I have to help my mother and my family. I am healthy now. My father, my brother, they love fighting. They said, ‘If you want to fight, let’s do it.’ I said, ‘Of course I want to fight. All my life I want to fight. Why not now?’ I can earn money, help someone. That is good for me. I love this sport. I love crushing someone and making money, ”he explained.

Is confident

In addition, Khamzat He stressed: “It is such an easy job. Go fight? I did all the fights in my life, I never get money, and now I can make money off this shit. Love it. Usman looks good. Now I can say this: in my weight class, he is the best fighter in the world. Next year, you have to wait for me. I understand that I have to fight someone first, and I always say that I don’t care who is against me. I’m going to go for all of them.

“It is a legend. Everybody knows him in this world, the world of MMA. He is good. These good guys are like playing gangsters. It’s going to be a good fight if you want to fight me. I do not know. Maybe he’s scared. This is MMA; this is sport. Who is the gangster here? Gangster is other things. People kill each other. Maybe in this game, (Diaz) be a gangster. Can you say that. I grew up in war, brother, “he concluded Khamzat Chimaev.

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