Fury! Anthony Smith was in a live interview and Chris Weidman’s fracture was heard in the background

Anthony Smith.

The Saturday that happened, in the UFC 261, Anthony Smith went viral for his reaction to the injury of the decade. While conducting a live interview, after his participation in the long-awaited Mixed Martial Arts event, the explosion of the fifteen thousand spectators present was heard in the background. This was all thanks to the shocking fracture of Chris Weidman in the Jacksonville cage.

Suddenly hearing the madness of the audience at the show, Smith he asked the press what was happening. It should be noted that he was in his interview, while, at the same time, the remainder of the UFC 261. Therefore, a journalist replied that Weidman he had been fractured by an attempted kick, leading to the surprise and viral reaction from the experienced fighter.

Impressive! This is how Chris Weidman’s fracture was lived in the stands of UFC 261

In the contest corresponding to UFC 261, Chris Weidman he broke his leg in a horrifying way. The seasoned American fighter crossed paths with Uriah Hall in the Jacksonville Octagon, although the contest lasted less than thirty seconds. With an image that continues to talk about, the titles of the night were somewhat put aside due to the health of this competitor.

For trying to land a powerful kick on his rival, Chris He ended up with a shocking fracture to his right leg. Automatically everything came to an end, seeing and understanding what had happened to him. At this, the audience present exploded with shouts, as everyone was totally surprised and open-mouthed by what they were seeing inside the cage.

Smith’s fight

Another image went viral in the UFC 261, which had as main protagonist Anthony Smith. The experienced American fighter literally broke Jimmy Crute with a kick to the knee, which caused severe nerve damage. That was just before the contest between Weidman and Hall, so the fans present took two very strong images consecutively.

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