How are MotoGP and Formula 1 different?

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Motorcycles and cars, the question seems to be easily answered. However, there is not a big difference between the top categories in the motor world: the Formula 1 Y MotoGP. Davide brivio, today team leader Alpine and MotoGP World Champion on several occasions, explained the nuances in which both competitions vary.

Davide Brivio was team leader of nothing more and nothing less than Valentino rossi in its golden ages in Yamaha. In addition, he was part of the Suzuki team, which achieved the title together with Joan Mir last year, taking advantage of the absence of Marc Márquez. However, he did not want to go to repeat the title with the Japanese brand, and took the challenge of landing in Formula 1, in Alpine and with Fernando Alonso.

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The Italian gave an interview to the Autosport medium and commented on the differences that exist between one category and another. However, he drew attention by giving details that there are no major differences between one and the other. In his words, radio is the key factor and the main distance between Formula 1 and the Motorcycle World Championship.


“It may be a funny thing, but the biggest difference is the radio. You are in constant contact with the driver, the race engineer tells him to do this, do that, wait a bit, whatever, ”says Brivio. «In MotoGP once the race starts, the rider is alone. You just sit and watch TV, that’s all you can do.

In addition, Brivio commented that in Formula 1 “You are constantly in contact with the driver. You’re almost on top of the car. In Bahrain I experienced it. At first I said to myself ‘an hour and 45 minutes will be long’, but it happened quickly because you are very busy listening, reviewing and analyzing, so it was very interesting. A great experience”.


On the other hand, Brivio did not want to let it pass that there are many aspects in which Formula 1 and MotoGP are very similar. «I would say that motorcycle and car riders are the same. When it comes to motivating themselves, when it comes to getting in shape, when they complain and aren’t happy, when they don’t feel good. You have to stay motivated and make them want to improve, so there are a lot of similarities.

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