“I chose Eddy Reynoso because this is where the champions train,” says Andy Ruiz


Andy ruiz, revealed that he chose Eddy reynoso because of the atmosphere that exists in his gym, where several champions train as Oscar Valdez, the Canelo Alvarez, Y Ryan Garcia.

During his statements for the magazine Boxing News, Ruiz pondered the work done in the gym of Reynoso.

“I chose the coach Eddy reynoso because this is where the champions train ”, he explained Ruiz. “Everyone here is dedicated and disciplined. I felt like I needed to make this change. Really, it’s something I should have done a long time ago. The main thing I have learned here is discipline. That is something you cannot buy, you have to do it on your own. You have to want it. I have learned a lot here. We try to perfect every stroke and every move. I am not a fighter who just shows up. I have more skills. Losing weight will allow me to show more of what I can do ”.

It should be noted that the last presentation of the born in Imperial, California was in his rematch with Anthony Joshua, on December 7, 2019. There, in Saudi Arabia, he lost his world heavyweight titles by unanimous decision.

“It’s great to be back,” he noted. Destroyer, facing his duel with Chris arreola. “I feel really good right now, with all the hard work we’ve put in in the gym. I know that Arreola He’s also training hard and looking good, so we’ll be ready for whatever he brings on the night of that fight.

Eddy Reynoso taught Andy Ruiz skills

With firmness and responsibility, Eddy reynoso transmitted to Andy ruiz what is necessary to succeed in sport and life.

“I have learned different skills that I can do, during this training camp,” he commented. Ruiz. “I can throw different punches and combinations, fighting with this weight. I was always a fighter who could get ahead, but now I can change it. I can’t wait to show it on May 1st. “

Chris (Arreola) and I sparred when I was 16. We have both had the same dreams and the same vision. We have had great races. My dad has always said that he and I were going to fight one day. Now it is just around the corner, “he said. Destroyer.

“Now I come to the gym with a smile on my face,” said the Mexican American. “I am still not where I want to be, but I am much better than before. I just have to keep working and maintain discipline. I have to be in the gym, even when I don’t have a fight date. It has to be a lifestyle ”.

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