Pleasure! Dana White raved about Valentina Shevchenko’s performance at UFC 261

Valentina Shevchenko.

In one of the most anticipated fights of the year, Valentina shevchenko fell in love with Dana White with his performance. The Russian champion defeated Jessica Andrade in the UFC 261 and, without a doubt, it will be one of the most remembered events in history. With three titles on the line, great finishes, and chilling injuries, the fifteen thousand fans in attendance had what to do and be amazed by. In Jacksonville, the queen was forceful and full of praise.

Starting with your words, White She expressed, “It’s almost like, tell me if this is how you felt tonight when she was fighting, like she was angry. Like, I was mad that someone might, I love this fight, because I knew Jessica Andrade was going to show something that she hasn’t seen yet. He was going to be in his face, he was going to do this, he was going to do that. And Shevchenko was like a bloody devil tonight.

What a domain! Valentina Shevchenko destroyed Jessica Andrade and is still the champion

Pissed off that someone thought that was possible and she looked amazing. One of the best performances of his career, “added the President of the company. It should be noted that the champion summarized the following in this regard, after defeating Jessica Andrade: “While my opponents try to find out what my weakness is. Do not waste your time. There are none”.

His own legacies. Listen, they fought a couple of times. People can think what they want. There’s always someone else, there’s always a new contender, and it’s not Valentina’s fault that she’s one of the meanest women of all time on the planet. So making it go up to 135 pounds doesn’t make sense. They did it twice. Listen, if you both come to me and you both want to, then whatever. I will make it happen, but it is not something I am thinking about, “he said. Dana White.

The words of the champion

In a beginning, Valentina shevchenko He said: “I want to do something different. I just want to keep showing and being a true martial artist. Not someone who says, ‘okay, this name is convenient, as if it brought more things.’ And this is not so. I just don’t like these things. I want to be very honest in what I do and continue what I do in my weight class and my division. It doesn’t matter who’s going to be in front of me, I just want to show that I’m better. “

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