Afraid? Jake Paul refused to enter the cage with Daniel Cormier

Jake Paul.

After the crossover at UFC 261, Daniel cormier wants to fight with Jake paul, although inside the cage. The former champion of two divisions in the leading MMA company in the world seeks to liquidate the young youtuber, but not in a ring. The now sportscaster has no better idea than to intimidate him into the Octagon with him, where he could clearly overpower him and tear him apart in seconds.

Before that, Paul He said: “I find it funny, because it is challenging me to something that I have never trained in. And he has trained boxing, punching and stand up and has been there with Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones. He lost those fights, but he’s been there with the best of the best punches, so why not box? Oh, do you want to go against me at something I’ve never trained in before? Of course”.

Will you accept? Daniel Cormier challenged Jake Paul for a fight inside the UFC Octagon

“That’s like I find someone off the streets, literally, who has never boxed a day in their lives, and I say, ‘Okay, come here, I’m going to challenge you.’ Of course, you will sidestep the boxing offer. And by the way, there is a lot more money in boxing, so we would make more money in a boxing match. And again, I’m a boxer. I never said that I would defeat Daniel cormier in an MMA fight, ”he highlighted.

It has foundations

In that sense, Jake He explained, ‘If he comes and box me in, I’ll hit him. And maybe a part of him knows, that’s why it’s funny. Why wouldn’t you accept that offer? If we did fight, that would be the most money he could make in any of his fights, by far. The biggest pay-per-view of all time was boxing vs. MMA, Floyd vs. Conor. So why not stick with that model?

And I think I’m a better forward than 99.9 percent of these MMA guys. When we’re matching from a skill / experience level, he’s even, and he’s really who wants him the most in the fight. If I go up against these fighters who have been doing it since they were six years old, it’s an unfair advantage. I think people will dismiss me immediately, “he closed Jake paul.

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