Are you afraid of professional boxers? This is how Jake Paul did with Ryan Garcia at the gym

Jake Paul.

After good performances in the ring, Jake paul has earned a lot of criticism from fans of the boxing. Considering that he has not crossed paths with professional boxers, but with former UFC or NBA stars, some believe he wants to dodge the best in the world. For this reason, in these hours a video in which he is seen together with Ryan Garcia in the gym.

The video does not last more than a few minutes, but these were enough for fans of the boxing liquidate Jake paul on social media. There, you can clearly see how a single hit of Garcia it would practically knock him out. The Mexican hit him with a very powerful left hook in the abdominal area, which left him seeing the stars against the wall of the place.

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Without a doubt, Ryan Garcia He has become one of the stars of the moment in the sport, being a multiple champion and already achieving a very high number of knockouts in his short career. Therefore, there are many who ask to see it head-on against Jake paul, ensuring that the Latino will teach him what boxing really is. All this, knowing that the youtuber earns millions for making presentations in the ring.

Garcia’s present

Ryan Garcia Not only is he a star in the ring, but he also continues to earn a lot of fame on social media. In his personal Instagram account, the aforementioned has more than 7 million followers and the numbers increase every week. There, he shares his day to day, where he reveals the impressive sum of money that he is making for his quality and unique technique.

At his young age, Ryan Garcia accumulates 21 wins, 18 of them by knockout. On the other hand, the three missing were by way of the cards. Without a doubt, the world is facing a possible “best of all time” in the not too distant future. Until a few weeks ago, he was very close to closing a millionaire contest against Manny Pacquiao, but everything went through the roof.

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