Canelo reveals that in 2018 he negotiated ransom for his brother’s kidnapping five days before fighting with Fielding

Canelo revela que en 2018 negoció rescate en secuestro de su hermano cinco días antes de pelear con Fielding

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez reveals that a brother was kidnapped five days before his fight against Rocky fielding and he had to negotiate his release over the phone.

“It was in 2018,” revealed the Canelo in an interview with Graham Bensinger. “It was a Monday before the fight. On the phone I negotiated everything to be released. Three days I negotiated with the bastards to let them go ”.

Alvarez fought with Rocky fielding on December 15, 2018, in dispute of the regular world light heavyweight championship of the AMB. Just a few weeks earlier, in October 2018, the Canelo had signed with DAZN one of the biggest contracts in the history of the sport, 11 fights and 365 million dollars.

“When they tell you that your brother is kidnapped, you go crazy,” recalls the Canelo. “But I had a fight on Saturday, and I thought about how to resolve this situation, but my whole mind was on the fight.”

The Canelo assures that during the kidnapping, he negotiated the release of his brother through a cousin.

“I never worried about him not coming home,” he says. Canelo. “I thought that was the most important fight for me, because he is everything to me. I would text my cousin and tell him to tell them this or that, and he would tell me what they would reply and I would reply to them. It was very difficult”.

Saul assures that he never involved the police in the matter, because he believes that the Mexican police were involved in the kidnapping.

“I never involved the police, because it is very difficult in Mexico, because perhaps they (the police) were involved in the situation,” he explains. Canelo. “I do believe that the police were involved. Fortunately, everything went well. Because normally, when a brother is kidnapped (in Mexico), he never comes back. Thank God, I still have my brother.

The Canelo assures that it was difficult to keep everything without it being known, despite the closeness of the fight with Fielding.

“After negotiating, I imagined if it had been my daughter or my mother, or my father, it would be even more difficult for me,” she says. Saul. “Besides, I had the fight on Saturday, a thousand interviews and everything, and nobody ever knew anything.”

The Mexican fighter, one of the athletes who generate the most money, assures that this is the most difficult part of his career.

“Everyone sees me upstairs and thinks it’s very easy,” he says. Canelo. “And nothing is easy in this life, everything is very difficult.”

Alvarez He also expresses that he would like to get his family out of Mexico, but it is impossible.

“I think a lot about the safety of my family,” he says. Canelo. “I would like to bring them to the United States, but it is difficult because they have their lives there (in Mexico).”

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