CONMEBOL’s COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Uruguay

CONMEBOL's COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Uruguay

The 50,0000 doses of the Sinovac vaccine donated by China to CONMEBOL will arrive this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. at Uruguay’s Carrasco International Airport and will be received by the president of the South American entity Alejandro Domínguez. The vice president of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), Gastón Tealdi, explained how these vaccines will be distributed.

Because each person who intends to inoculate must receive two doses and that the Uruguayan government mediated to facilitate the negotiation for the acquisition of this item, Tealdi told this Wednesday in the program ‘100% Sports’ (Radio Sport 890 AM) Who will be the 25,000 individuals reached in this game that the South American Football Confederation receives.

The Uruguayan leader commented: “The intention of CONMEBOL is to shield the entire football system in what is mainly the most important competitions, such as the Copa América that will be played soon, and the tournaments that are already being developed such as the Libertadores and South American ”.

“Then we will work with the local competitions of each of the federations. For it, CONMEBOL has established a program and criteria for the distribution of the vaccine, with 140 doses for the national team (50 players and 20 officials), then the teams that are competing internationally, later teams of the First professional division of local soccer (with 100 doses for each of the teams) and then the idea is to inoculate women’s soccer teams. And then officials who work for CONMEBOL and the association’s own officials, which include arbitrators and collection personnel ”, he added.

“In principle, in the distribution that was made within the protocol itself, it is only for the first divisions of the ten federations,” stressed the vice president of the AUF, adding that in the case of Uruguay, it is estimated that there are some of those 3,600 doses received in excess. since there are footballers and coaches who have already received their doses of the Sinovac vaccine. If this happens, the AUF will consult CONMEBOL if this remainder can go to Second Division teams.

Tealdi indicated that the CONMEBOL also works so that the soccer players of the national teams that play in clubs in Europe are vaccinated with doses that travel directly from China to the European continent. and that the players receive the first dose before leaving in June for South America to play on dates 7 and 8 of the Qualifiers and then play the Copa América.

“The intention of CONMEBOL is that the vaccines arrive these first days of May to the places where the national team players are. These are all steps that CONMEBOL does. The intention is that they give the times “, commented the leader who indicated that the ten associations will send the lists of their possibly summoned footballers who play abroad so that the Confederation can put together a plan after knowing exactly all the places where the players are. South Americans.

Tealdi added: “The vaccines arrive this Wednesday and are left in the refrigerated terminal. They will be separated into lots of 600 that will then be distributed to each of the federations. CONMEBOL carries out the export process to each of the countries. Domínguez will arrive in Uruguay in the afternoon because he wants to be present at the arrival of the vaccines, which will arrive at approximately 20:30, since for CONMEBOL it is a fact of great significance ”.

Then he commented that there is the possibility that Argentine delegations travel to Uruguay to be vaccinated in the event that the Argentine government does not admit the entry of Sinovac vaccines, and then He detailed how the AUF will be distributed: “The idea is to start with the National Team, then continue with the clubs that have international competition (National, Rentistas, Montevideo City Torque and Peñarol), then First, Women and officials. We have had a few meetings in the Spanish Association, the idea is to vaccinate directly at the Centenario Stadium ”, he explained.

And he added: “The logistics of vaccines are complex, fundamentally to maintain the cold chain, what facilitates this process is that these vaccines come with their respective syringes, unlike what SINOVAC does in other large batches. The idea is to install the vaccination center in the Centennial so that the vaccination process will begin next week ”.

“We ask the clubs for the lists, this Thursday at the latest we will send them to CONMEBOL. There are already members (soccer players and coaches) inoculated, so with what can be left over, we will ask CONMEBOL to include the Second Professional Division ”, stated the Uruguayan leader.

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