“De La Hoya doesn’t do anything at Golden Boy; he worries about drinking, ”says Canelo

De la Hoya no hace nada en Golden Boy; solo se preocupa por tomar, señala Canelo

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez launched strong criticism of Oscar de la hoya whom he accused of not doing anything in Golden Boy and that he only cares about getting drunk.

During an interview with Graham bensinger in order to A fondo, Saul Alvarez revealed his experiences within Golden boy. Without mincing words, he emphasized the negative attitudes of From the pot.

“I don’t like to talk about people a lot, but I’ve always been a very loyal person. I always was with Golden boy“, Expressed the Canelo. “He (From the pot) It is not Golden boy. He does nothing in Golden boy. He is worrying about drinking and going about other things ”.

Y Alvarez remembered the departure of Richard Schaefer from Golden boy in 2014, who at the time was the president of the company Oscar de la hoya.

“He (From the pot) does nothing in Golden boy“, He remarked Canelo. “Decisions are made by other people. When Richard Schaefer let Golden boy, took all the boxers to PBC. And he wanted to take me too, but I was the only boxer who stayed with Golden boy because I am a loyal man ”.

At that moment, Canelo He assures in the interview that it was when he discovered what was happening in the promoter.

But then I understood why everyone had left and why Richard Schaefer he left “, he remembers Canelo. “Because those who are in Golden boy they only seek their own benefit, not that of the boxers, ”said the 30-year-old boxer.

Canelo’s lawsuit against De La Hoya

Alvarez He also revealed more details about the lawsuit he filed against Golden Boy Promotions and against DAZN, through which he reached his free agency.

“In my contract it said that the fights were for so much (money). But if he fought with (Gennady) Golovkin, with (Floyd) Mayweather or with a name like that, it is to be negotiated “, he explains Canelo. “I was not going to fight for the same amount. But Golden boy I had already promised and signed to DAZN that I was going to fight with Golovkin for the same amount, and they never told me ”.

“I sued DAZN already Golden boy together. Nobody dares to do that. If you know that you did things right, you don’t have to fear making a move of that magnitude. You know that you will always win, you know that you did things well ”, commented the super middleweight champion of the Association and the World Boxing Council. “So I earn less, I’m not going to let you (DAZN Y Golden boy) say what I have to win ”.

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