Exploded! Randy Brown insulted Alex Oliveira at UFC 261 and explained why

Randy Brown.

In the UFC 261, Randy brown liquidated Alex Oliveira inside the cage, but had a controversial gesture. Upon defeating him, he showed him the middle finger of his hand and insulted him repeatedly, so that no one understood what was happening between them. Therefore, in these hours, the aforementioned disclosed what really happened in the previous hours. Understanding that, her reaction made a bit more sense.

At the beginning, Brown she said, “I don’t think it’s even a real problem. Personally, all week I was good with friend. As soon as I got there, guess who I saw? He was at the hotel, in the lobby, checking in, I went to the store, got something to drink and was coming back, me and my manager, I see the guy in the hall. I walk over to him, tap him on the shoulder, and introduce myself. In all my interviews throughout the week, I talked about how much I respected him. “

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In fact, I’m a fan of the guy. I’m a big fan of Cowboy Oliveira, don’t twist it, I love the way that guy fights, it’s crazy. I’ve been watching it for a while. And I just didn’t get it. Now we are backstage. Check out his interview too, he was super respectful. He said we’re going to beat each other up and then we’ll have a drink and I said, it’s going to be on, “he said.

Had his reasons

What’s more, Randy He said, ‘I’m going to fight Cowboy, we’ll go crazy. I’m backstage, everything is fine. Do you know why this guy got mad? Guess why he got mad? I guess it got lost in translation, I posted a video of a guy dancing saying that it will be me when Cowboy starts dating, when he starts dancing. Apparently he thought I was making fun of him saying this is what Cowboy looks like when he fights or all his stuff when he comes out and how he fights.

«I was hoping that he would come with the rah rah, typical cowboy, I thought he was going to smile, like good energy, like a fool. But it wasn’t that. It was more like he was talking about “two two two,” but then someone translated what he was saying, like, “I’m going to break you in two.” I saw him backstage and was trying to talk to him as soon as we got back, he faced me again. Security had to separate us. Once security broke us up, I said, ‘Brother, I’m about to screw you. You are doing a lot. This is unnecessary. I came to you respectful », he closed Randy brown.

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