Fall of the fight between Eddie Álvarez and Óscar de la Hoya? The former UFC was forceful

Eddie Álvarez.

Oscar de la hoya, boxing star, plans to return to the ring and wanted to do it against Eddie alvarez. The expugile assured that he is planning to step on the ring canvas again, but the best of all was going to be against who he would do it. A few hours ago, Eddie Álvarez, former Mixed Martial Arts champion and current figure and ONE Championship title contender, stepped aside.

Starting, Alvarez He commented, ‘I’d say it’s a dead issue for now. Honestly, the whole boxing-MMA thing when I saw it with Ben Askren and basically what I saw is a group of MMA fighters in the boxing arena, who had the heart, the courage, they were able to have the humility to take their chances. in form and skill in which they are not professionals and they go and put it up for sale ».

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“I have yet to see a boxer come to do that in the MMA arena. It is very nice to annoy and discourage me. I’d like to see the courage on the boxing side for a guy to get into the MMA realm. I feel like when we said yes to the Oscars, I felt like maybe I was making a decision too quickly that I just feel like this is my sport, “he summed up.

Will continue with his

On the other hand, Eddie he also dictated, “This is what I’ve done all my life and if you want a real fight, this is a fight. MMA is a fight. Boxing is a fifth of what we do. It is part of that. It is not a fight. It’s boxing. It is not a fight. MMA is a fight, it is everything. So whoever beat Ben Askren, whoever beat Frank Mir, didn’t beat them in a fight. They beat them in boxing.

“I’m proud of what I do and I’ve been doing this for a long time and I feel like it’s going to take a lot for me to give that up. Sell ​​my skin in boxing and get out of the game. The whole event put me off. It just looked like boxing 101 and that’s what boxing has come to. It just turns me on. MMA is a fight. If you want to call yourself a better fighter and say you want to fight, get in the cage and do all the skill sets, “he said. Eddie alvarez.

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