Got worse? Drakkar Klose told how healthy he is after Jeremy Stephens’ push

Drakkar Klose.

Drakkar Klose suffered an unexpected injury and they canceled the co-star of the UFC Vegas 24, after a push. Everything was surprising, after the incident with Jeremy stephens. The latter lashed out at his rival on stage, later causing him a somewhat controversial injury. The victim in this situation spoke with the press during these hours, revealing how his physical condition is.

Thus, Klose He began by saying, “I’m much better. My headaches stopped the Thursday before the weekend. That was my biggest concern was the headaches. They were pretty bad. Then they did an MRI on my neck and I guess I have a herniated disc so now I’m dealing with that. I had no headaches after Beneil Dariush It will knock me out.

Unusual! In the UFC Vegas 24 head-to-head, one fighter pushed another and injured him

“I think when I made that weight cut, I only had about 10 ounces of water on me before I did the look, and I was still dehydrated. It’s crazy how that lash can do that to you. It has been a lot of hate. I hate a lot, but a lot of people have been telling me about their situations and their problems with neck injuries and things like that. I’m glad I didn’t go into that cage that night, “he said.

He is upset

In addition, Drakkar He also blurted out: «One blow, it could have changed my life. When dealing with your brain, you only have one brain and you have to be smart. I’m glad I have the right people around me and I didn’t fight. I did not say anything. Maybe he listened to some of my pre-fight interviews and got mad about it. But other than that, when we faced each other I kept quiet. I was there, ready to do these matches and fight the next day.

“I think he thought it was Bellator since they compete on Friday. Wrong promotion, I think he thought he was at Bellator. But he was pissed off, man. That was a great opportunity to get in and beat him in a co-main event. And for people to think that I didn’t really get injured, that pissed me off. I want justice to be served on the streets. If I see it, I swear, I will catch it », closed Drakkar Klose.

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