Independent vs. Montevideo City Torque – Pre-Match – April 28, 2021

Independent vs.  Montevideo City Torque - Pre-Match - April 28, 2021

(EFE) – Independiente will receive Montevideo City Torque this Wednesday on the second day of CONMEBOL Sudamericana, in which he will be able to have his coach Julio César Falcioni on the bench, who was out in the last games after contracting COVID-19.

Despite the return of the coach, who was diagnosed with coronavirus on April 6 after an outbreak that affected several players and members of the coaching staff, the Avellaneda team continues to suffer the consequences of the pandemic and for the clash on Wednesday will have the casualties of Tomás Pozzo and Milton Álvarez, who were positive in the last PCR tests.

“Tomás Pozzo and Milton Álvarez tested positive for COVID-19 in the PCR test prior to the match against Montevideo City Torque. The rest tested negative and is available for the match,” the Independiente published on its Twitter profile.

El Rojo arrives on this day as the solo leader of his group after his victory as a visitor against Guabirá 3-1 on the opening day.

El Torque scores a point after drawing 1-1 against Bahía, a club with a short history (it was founded in 2007) that experienced a strong boost after its acquisition in 2007 by the City Group, which controls, among others, Manchester English city.

The Uruguayan team is going through a historic moment with the dispute of the continental competition, in which they want to keep a low profile without imposing too many demands on themselves.

“Our present is very good, it is something historical to have qualified for the South American Cup. The objective is to compete, to be at the height. Against Bahia I think we were superior, that we were able to win the game. (…) Now we have a very difficult opponent. , importantly, against the King of Cups. It is a historic match for us and we know their conditions, “said Torque coach Pablo Marini.


INDEPENDENT: Sebastián Sosa, Sergio Barreto, Patricio Ostachuk, Ayrton Costa, Fabricio Bustos, Lucas Romero, Domingo Blanco, Thomas Ortega, Alan Velasco, Jonathan Herrera and Sebastián Palacios. Coach: Julio César Falcioni.

MONTEVIDEO CITY TORQUE: Cristopher Fiermarin, Agustín Peña, Diego Arismendi, Yonathan Rak, Andrew Teute, Franco Pizzichillo, Álvaro Brun, Gustavo Del Prete, Santiago Rodríguez, Marcelo Allende and José Álvarez. Trainer. Pablo Marini.

REFEREE: the Peruvian Kévin Ortega.

STADIUM: Liberators of America, in Avellaneda.

HOUR: 19:15.

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