Last moment: Valentino Rossi will have a team for 2022 in MotoGP

Valentino Rossi.

In the last minutes it was confirmed that Valentino rossi will have equipment for 2022 in the World Championship of MotoGP. The Italian announced that the team that runs under the colors of the VR46 will reach the top category starting next year. Although the arrival of the structure has already been confirmed, it is not yet known who will be the riders who will handle the motorcycle.

The news surprised the millions of fans that ‘Il Dottore’ has around the world. According to the news released on Wednesday morning, the team VR46 and the Saudi oil company, Aramco, reached an agreement and this will be the main sponsor of the new structure. The signed agreement runs from 2022 to 2026.

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On the other hand, it has not yet been confirmed who will be the riders who will be on the bike. One of them is expected to be Luca Marini, younger brother of the nine-time World Champion. Currently, Marini runs in the colors of the VR46 team, although he does not do so with a team of this name. The team Sponsorama allowed Marini to wear the logo of his older brother, to emphasize that he is an academy pilot.


On Moto2, the SKY Racing Team by VR46 it is an important part. However, it has been several years since Rossi wants to make the big leap and get to MotoGP. According to the information available so far, the bikes that the new team will have for next year are not confirmed. So much Suzuki What Aprilia they are top favorites to get a spot on Valentino’s team.

Aramco, the main sponsor of this team, has already entered the motor world. It will not only be the visible face of Rossi’s team, but it is the brand that most supports the Formula 1. On the other hand, Rossi would not be a driver for his brand’s team, but rather as a manager. However, this does not confirm or deny a possible retirement of Valentino, although it will be rare to see him compete against his own team.

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