Mick Schumacher’s tremendous confession: “I adore my father, but …”

Mick Schumacher

Figure of Michael Schumacher It is one of the most famous in the history of the Formula 1. The seven-time champion marked a before and after in the sport. However, now it is your child’s turn Mick schumacher make your mark in motorsport. Despite this, Mick does not want to carry a backpack because of his huge last name: «I adore my father but.. »he expressed.

The debut of Michael Schumacher’s son marked the return of the most famous surname in the motor world. However, at the command of the Haas, Mick cannot demonstrate all the potential that he would like. Condemned to wander in the late positions, Schumacher will look to add kilometers for the coming seasons, where the new regulations put him closer to the peloton.

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Memories with Michael

In an interview for the Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport, Mick recalled his first steps and the fundamental support of his parents. “I was with my father in Kerpen, on the go-kart track. We talked and he asked me if I consider racing as a hobby or something serious. I already knew: for me it was a serious thing. He and my mother supported me in this choice.

On the other hand, Mick hopes to get to the team where his father marked the history of Formula 1 by fire. That is why he does not escape what his surname means. «I came to Italy when I was twelve years old, I know Ferrari since I was a child. I know that my father is part of the history of Ferrari and it is good that now I am also part of this history.


Finally, Schumacher remarked that he will seek his own path in his Formula 1 career, despite the fact that he will always be linked to Michael. «I adore my father, I think he has always done everything in the best way. But otherwise I am focused on myself, I am not looking for a model, I do things my way, “he stated firmly.

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