Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester City – Match Report – April 28, 2021

Paris Saint-Germain vs.  Manchester City - Match Report - April 28, 2021

PARIS (EFE) – Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City took a giant step to qualify for its first Champions League final by coming back in the Parc des Princes against Mauricio Pochettino’s Paris Saint-Germain (1-2) in the duel of the rich with the capital of the Persian Gulf.

The French team, in which its stars Mbappé and Neymar did not shine especially, were far superior in the first half and went into the break with an advantage thanks to the goal scored by the Brazilian Marquinhos.

But in the second the English took advantage of two defensive errors for De Bruyne and Mahrez to put the Sky Blues in a preponderant position to win the ticket for Istanbul and force the French to a feat at the Ethiad next week to repeat the final of the year past.

The result was harsh on the French, who came with the tailwind of having eliminated Messi’s Barcelona and defending champion Bayern Munich in the previous two phases.

City, who had suffered against Borussia Dortmund to reach the semifinals, took a valuable income, despite the fact that in the first half they were at the mercy of the rival, driven by a great Di María.

PSG showed an enormous capacity to adapt to the circumstances, capable of defending itself with order when the rival took the initiative and of placing him against the ropes at the slightest moment of weakness.

Thus he deactivated a City that did not know how to impose its rhythm, muddy in the center of the field, the place where Pochettino wanted to fight Guardiola.


Guaye and Paredes were solid and turned off the English creation zone, where neither Rodri nor Gundogan raised their heads, busy to recover, stuck in the trench that PSG dug.

The goal reached the quarter of an hour from set pieces, the first conceded by Guardiola’s this season, in a great corner kick from Di María, who already has five assists in Europe, impeccably finished off by Marquinhos, after a defensive mismatch by City , who achieved his third target.

The disadvantage further settled the locals and disoriented the visitors, who even gave up the ball, their best shield, which generated a permanent sense of danger in Ederson’s area that further disconcerted the team.

The PSG recovered and threw with speed, before a rear in disarray and although the occasions were not very clear, the blood could be smelled. In the other area, hardly any news from Navas, who nevertheless appeared at the key moment, in 43 when a defensive error left Foden alone in the midfield, ready to shoot the Costa Rican goalkeeper, who reacted well to the cowardly shot by the team. young English promise.


Guardiola touched on an outburst, true to his style, making it clear that he was not satisfied with the result despite the risk of leaving space for Mbappé.

The young French promise was about to take advantage of it in 56, but Verratti failed to finish off his center.

The City began to create danger, to find Greeks in the French approach, to create restlessness in a desert Park of the Princes.

Rodri governed the midfield better, Gundogan cracked the French rear, Bernardo Silva struck down the right and De Bruyne found more spaces and closer to the Navas area.

The Belgian found himself, almost without wanting to, with the tie, in 64 in a center to the area that did not find a finisher, but that misled the “Tico” goal.

It was the beginning of the misadventures of the Parisians who seven minutes later received a second blow, a goal from Mahrez from a free kick, which slipped through the barrier of the premises, where Navas could not wait for it.

As if that were not enough, in 77 Guaye lost his nerve and cut off Gundogan’s ankle to earn a red card that left his team at a disadvantage.

With one more, City went for the third goal that left the tie almost finished, but it did not go wild either and although it had on occasion the scoreboard did not move.

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