Photo: TJ Dillashaw’s terrible injury that will delay his long-awaited return to the UFC

TJ Dillashaw.

Hours ago, TJ Dillashaw made it clear that his return to the Octagon of UFC will have to wait a while longer. On Tuesday night, the former champion of the company showed his face on social networks, where you can see an extensive and deep cut on his eyebrow. Therefore, his agreed fight against Cory Sandhagen May 8 will be canceled, taking into account that it will not be available.

In that sense, Dillashaw He surprised everyone and saddened fans who were eager to see him in action again. After confirming the news on Twitter, he shared a photo of the cut on his Instagram and revolutionized social networks. “It saddens me to say that I have to be withdrawn from my fight on May 8 due to a cut received by a head butt while practicing,” was what the fighter wrote.

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In addition, he also made it clear that he will seek “to reschedule the fight as soon as possible”, understanding the enormous expectation that had been generated for this fight. Undoubtedly, his departure from the main event saddened many, knowing that they would see the former Bantamweight champion in action against the possible new leader of the division. Now, we will have to wait a while longer.

I was excited

That way, Dillashaw had said weeks ago: “I like Cory Sandhagen. He’s gotten a bit of an idiot lately, talking that shit he has to do, that’s the name of the game, but I like Cory Sandhagen. I like all their coaches, I like Elevation Fight Team, but that’s the business. We’ll go out, take care of it, and I’ll go back to get my belt.

Oh, I’m just talking shit about how I failed a drug test and then something about me taking the worst steroid you could ever take, that I wasn’t even taking a steroid. Just talking about certain interviews and things that he knows is complete nonsense. Just cheering up and feeling like he had a chance in this fight, “he also highlighted. TJ.

TJ Dillashaw’s post on Instagram.

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