Bomb! The new rules proposed by the legendary Michael Bisping in the UFC

Michael Bisping.

Michael bisping, legend of the world of UFC, left everyone with their mouths open for their ideas in these hours. “The Count” has always been very forceful with his thoughts, so this time he was clear about what he plans for the future of the company. This is why his words went viral very quickly on social media, taking into account the innovations he wants to see.

To start, Bisping He said, ‘One thing they can do is gloves. I think the gloves just need a different design. A while ago, I was talking about that, and I said that I’m sure there will be some kind of design where you can put elastic in the gloves that forces the fingers to bend like this (forward motion) and then straighten it, you have to use the strength of your fingers, but you don’t even need it.

He wants to continue: the possible new step of Michael Bisping in the UFC that excites the fans

“There are gloves that make it work like this anyway and then you can do it with the force of your fingers. I think it is as simple as that. There is also this rule where the fingers have to be up. Not like this (he points to them); they have to be awake. That has to go, too, because if someone comes in, it only takes a fraction of a second, not even that, “said the Briton.

An idea with meaning

At the same time, Michael highlighted: «Just to do that (point them directly) and if someone comes to shorten the distance, you are I will try to grab anyway, so that the fingers go down, so I think they should change the rules where the fingers have to be like this ( fist), not a clenched fist but a loose fist, and at all times. I think it is worth making these changes because the eyes look out, yes, they hurt, but there is more.

I mean, look at Belal Muhammad there and Leon Edwards. Massive struggle, a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, time away from family, Leon has flown across the country. You may not feel sorry for Leon because it was poker, but Belal, he has flown in from Chicago, huge opportunity, and they take it from him. And hurts. Fortunately it was fine, but you never know. Something bad could happen one day, “he completed. Michael bisping.

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