Bresnik, Thiem’s ​​former coach, criticized the current ATP circuit

Bresnik, Thiem's ​​former coach, criticized the current ATP circuit

Gunter bresnik, former coach of Dominic Thiem (4th), spoke to the Austrian media APA and among the topics that he dealt with He expressed his dissatisfaction with the ATP circuit, criticized various attitudes of the tennis players and was harsh with those who complain about the lack of public in the stadiums.

“I would prefer not to see people all the time looking at the mobile phone, as happened 20 years ago, then everything was better” said the Austrian, who currently trains Gael Monfils (15th). He also stated that “Normal people work all year to spend two weeks on vacation, but tennis players never have vacations, that is also hard. But what I cannot bear is the whining of many, not when we see the situation of many other people on a daily basis “.

Bresnik, who in his career worked with Ernests Gulbis, Jerzy Janowicz and Boris Becker in the 1980s, ‘also said that “What they are doing with the young players, the boys and girls, is being a scandal. A Futures title has been reduced from 18 to 10 points, in addition there are no more than 18 tournaments. If I win 18 tournaments I will not have enough points to make it to the top 300 and move on to the next category. I think of this as stupid. It’s like going to elementary school for four years and then not having a chance to go to high school. If someone is doing their job well, they are progressing and then it cannot advance, then the system is idiotic “ clarified the experienced coach.

Finally, he criticized the complaints about the lack of spectators in the stadiums: “These are changes that you can live with, you cannot suffer for having few spectators in the stadiums, because the next thing will be to play without anyone. Some suffer because, instead of having a million spectators, they only have 100,000. How is it? possible? ”How can you think like that, when there are families who can’t even put some food on the table right now.”

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