Cancelled? Formula 1 spoke about the Mexican Grand Prix and surprised everyone

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In the last hours there was a great earthquake on the calendar of the Formula 1. The Canadian Grand Prix it was canceled after the country’s health situation was not adequate to carry out a Grand Prix. However, many guns pointed to the Grand Prix of Mexico nor would it be carried out as a consequence of these complications. Due to this, some doubts had to be clarified to the fans.

The Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit It is the venue for the Mexican Grand Prix each year. However, in 2020 the coronavirus pandemic prevented the calendar from running normally. This caused that the great majority of the races were canceled and could not be disputed. The Mexican GP was one of them, but this year it seems to have action on track again.

Formula 1 announced the cancellation of the Canadian GP and confirmed his replacement in the 2021 calendar

As confirmed by the American media, both the Mexican Grand Prix and the United States Grand Prix, you are not at risk of being canceled for the second consecutive year. Canada could not overcome this situation and had complications. The Istanbul circuit was confirmed as the venue for the Turkish Grand Prix of this year.

The race on Mexican soil has not been carried out since 2019, when Lewis hamilton he was left with the victory. The British beat by only two seconds of difference to Sebastian vettel, which was second with his Ferrari. Third place on the podium was taken by Valtteri Bottas, who finished three seconds behind. The circuit is characterized by being one of the fastest on the Formula 1 calendar.

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“After today’s news (Wednesday) regarding Canada, Formula 1 wants to be very clear that there are no changes to the races in Mexico and the United States scheduled for later this season. We hope it continues like this. We have been working closely with the promoters and they are ready to put on a great show and we are looking forward to going there this season.

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