Do you anticipate the worst? Anthony Johnson says Yoel Romero is the toughest rival of his career

Anthony Johnson.

Anthony Johnson, UFC expeller, will debut in Bellator and your first steps will be really tough. The American left the company that Dana White commands a few weeks ago, after achieved historic moments. Now, he will have to do the same in the competition, although against another historical and legendary martial artist: Yoel romero. Without a doubt, a more than complicated debut for both of them.

Thus, Johnson He said, “Besides some of my training partners, yes, I give Yoel that title. What can I think of at this point, Yoel is the most dangerous fighter I have ever faced I think. I hadn’t thought that far. I am focused on Yoel. If I look past him once, I’m done. I can’t look past him. I have not thought of Corey Anderson, I have not thought of Ryan Bader, I have not thought of Vadim Nemkov.

It begins to beat: Anthony Johnson, excited to liquidate Yoel Romero at Bellator

«I have thought of I the. That is the only human being that has been on my mind for an eternity. Crazy props for those guys that make it to the semifinals, but they’re not my focus. My focus is Yoel. I have to overcome that monster before I can face the other monsters. It is still high. Competition continues to be high, “reported the former UFC.

Look to the future

At the same time, Anthony He summed up: “Of course it was a bummer not being able to fight Jon, but the past is the past. I have not thought about it anymore. The only people who bring it up are fans and the media. I don’t really think about it because it’s been so long. It will go down in history as one of those fights that never happened. But that’s it, you don’t have to continue there.

“I always told myself that I didn’t want to be one of those stories, but unfortunately I am one of those stories. But you know what, I feel like I’m fighting Jon Jones anyway. I have to fight Yoel and everyone else in the weight class is up there too. I have my hands full. Jon Jones isn’t even on my radar, he hasn’t been for years. Now it’s about Bellator“, full Anthony Johnson.

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