Hello champion! Francis Ngannou and his multitudinous received after winning the UFC title

Francis Ngannou.

After being crowned champion of the Heavyweight of UFC, Francis Ngannou He came to his hometown to celebrate. After taking a few days off, the brand new king of the company’s top flight came to his city to share it with his people. The images were really impressive, as well as exciting. Taking into account his life history, his present is a true example for the world.

Your happiness

At the end of the fight with Miocic, Ngannou he dictated: “I don’t know if I can find any words to highlight what I feel now. It feels really good. While there was something inside of me that I couldn’t bring out, now I can say that I am the first African fighter to be a UFC champion. I knew that if I had the opportunity to do something great in this life, I had to do it. I was finally able to do it and I am the world champion.

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“Even if it was something that no one could believe I could achieve, I really can’t believe it. Technically I proved all the critics wrong. I knew how to do things and now I made it clear that I am the best. I realized that that night in 2018 was my biggest MMA experience in my history. I knew that although I did not have the belt, I had not lost that fight, “emphasized the new champion.

The fight

Francis Ngannou was consecrated as champion of the Heavyweight of UFC, making history in MMA. The Cameroonian is the first African fighter to be king of that division, something that no one had achieved before. In turn, he was also able to be the first fighter to knock out Stipe Miocic, entering the greatest of Mixed Martial Arts. Now, his people and country have him as a true example.

In the first round, Francis He was able to land several important blows and was already showing signs of what would happen next. At that moment, the champion knew that it was not the same as the first fight, the one that took place in 2018 and he won. Therefore, in the second round, Ngannou He went out again with everything and, after introducing two very good hands in a row, he left the now former world champion on another planet.

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