“Knock him out”: Canelo explains a fight with Mayweather both in their prime

Canelo Álvarez

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez assured that Floyd mayweather he would have nothing to do against him if they faced each other in the prime of their careers and he even dared to claim that he would knock him out.

“It has nothing to do with me if we are both at our best,” he commented in an interview with Graham bensinger. “Absolutely nothing, I would knock him out without problems.”

The Mexican boxer remembered the hard moment he lived when he fell against Mayweather, in the Madison Square Garden, in 2013, but he accepted that the defeat made him grow mentally to become the figure he is today.

“It was very sad, it hurt a lot because I wanted to beat him and be the best,” added the Mexican. “But God he knows why he does things, maybe if he had won at that time, imagine the fame and the money that would have come, he would not know how to control it. He did not have the experience, the maturity and he was not by far the fighter that I am today ”.

Equally, José “Chepo” Reynoso spoke of the meaning of defeat and the feeling of disappointment that existed in Mexico on what it would have meant to end the undefeated Floyd.

“There was great sadness, we felt that we had looked bad at everything Mexico that they were disappointed in us, ”he confessed. “A lot of fighters go bad at that point, but Saul and we don’t. You cannot wait or say that you are useless. Only those who don’t fight never lose. “

Equally, Canelo He assured that, despite the disappointment, he never suffered from depression and his mentality was always the great ally to reach the top and become the best pound for pound in the world.

“At that moment I thought that I was not going to let that kill my dreams and I became the best,” he said. “I have never had depression thanks to GodI’ve always had a great mindset. I set out to be the best fighter in the world, I’m sure of what I am and how far I can go ”.

A rematch between the two seems very far or almost impossible.

Canelo Alvarez will fight next May 8 against Billy Joe Saunders in which it will unify the super middle belts of the WBC, WBA Y OMB, while Floyd mayweather just closed an exhibition match against him Youtuber Logan Paul for next June 6.

Canelo talked about Mayweather vs. Paul fight

About the fight Mayweather, Canelo He stated that he has no boxing interest. That it can even be dangerous for someone who does not have that much experience.

“It’s just making money,” he mentioned. “It has no relevance, it does seem somewhat stupid to me. Mayweather will obviously win. I have nothing with anyone and I am not a fan of saying bad things, they give you a fighter license when you are not a fighter, they can kill them. I do not understand why they give license to people who have never thrown a blow “.

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