Rosario Central vs. San Lorenzo – Party Report – April 28, 2021

Rosario Central vs. San Lorenzo - Party Report - April 28, 2021

(EFE) – Rosario Central, led by Cristian ‘Kily’ González, beat San Lorenzo de Almagro 2-0 and obtained its first victory in Group A of the South American Cup, while his rival is last without points in two games .

With the 19-year-old midfielder Luciano Ferreyra as the star of the game, the Canalla was third, just one behind the leader -only the first in the group advances to the round of 16-, while the Cyclone sinks without points in two days and bad feelings .

In the 12th minute, local center-back Facundo Almada woke everyone up early in a free-kick executed to perfection by Ferreyra.

Almada went ahead and finished off Torrico in the small area to put Canalla in a 1-0 lead.

Rosario Central was driven by the goal and San Lorenzo accentuated the complexes he has had throughout Diego Dabove’s cycle.

That is how the midfielder Diego Zabala finished off only from the middle distance and forced Torrico to clear so fast that Lucas Gamba finished off crossed and his shot skimmed the post, with the goalkeeper defeated.

In the 24th minute, Ferreyra again had a clear chance, a volley cleared by Torrico, who was playing his third game after a long time out due to injury.

The rear of the Cyclone, with the recovered Fabricio Coloccini in front of a line of three centrals, was a spectator on the ground and in the air and allowed 12 shots in 45 minutes, 3 of them with goal.

El Canalla could have gone to halftime with two or three goals ahead, but their attackers were as dynamic as they were ineffective.

In the local gale, the figure of Ferreyra stood out above all others, present everywhere and driving visitors crazy at 19 years of age.

Dabove moved chips into the break and introduced two of the best players on the squad, whom he had reserved from the start, Paraguayan attacker Ángel Romero and midfielder Juan Ramírez.

Both substitutions changed the face of San Lorenzo, who went on to control the game in the second half and seek a tie.

However, that stretch of Barça dominance lasted barely twenty minutes.

The Cyclone failed to resolve any of their goal situations and, in the final stretch, Rosario Central settled the duel with the second goal.

It was Lucas Gamba who put the finishing touch to a great play by Emiliano Vecchio’s wing.

In a manual internship, Vecchio reached the bottom line, raised his head and with a back pass enabled Gamba, who celebrated with ‘el Kily’ González.

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