Tore it apart! Donald Cerrone attacked Diego Sánchez

Donald Cerrone.

Donald cerrone, a seasoned UFC fighter, was going to come across Diego Sanchez in your next battle. The legendary “Cowboy” had his last fight against Conor McGregor, in early 2020, where he was knocked out. Thus, he spoke with the press in these last hours, where he precisely focused on what was coming for him, trying to leave the past behind. He certainly doesn’t have a good relationship with the other storied MMA star.

Starting, Cerrone He said: “The things he says right now before the fight don’t matter to me because it’s just him publicizing himself. It’s the things he said when I left Jackson’s, those are the things that piss me off. For example, he went to these restaurants and these places where we had signed photos and he ripped them all off, videotaped them, and did a great deal. So yeah, he did a lot of things under the belt, he said a lot of nonsense.

No kidding: Diego Sánchez says he will withdraw Donald Cerrone from the UFC

So it’s like, okay, you son of a bitch, now you have to eat your words. I’ll see you on May 8th and I’ll beat you up. There will be no gloves to touch, no joke with him, nothing. Fuck, I’m coming to hurt him. That is my whole goal here. Every kick, every punch, every knee, I want to break his bones and hurt him a lot. I want this to be your last hurray, “he summed up.

I was prepared for everything

Adding also to his words, Donald He said, “He thinks he’s going to come in, ‘Ah, we’re going to have a big fight with a legend and we’ll do fireworks.’ Friend, you are not going into the sunset. I’m going to beat you up and drag you behind my horse and voila, you’re out of here. I want all the cruel and malicious intentions when I fight him. I’m not looking for mercy or understanding.

Yes, he screwed it up. I want to hit his butt so hard that right before the referee stops him, I step back and let him recover and then I hit his butt again to that point. That’s what I want to do. Like they really got his ass pounded. Hurt it. I really want to destroy it. In all aspects, I seek to end him, “he said. Donald cerrone.

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