Valentino Rossi can match Giacomo Agostini: retire in his own team

Valentino Rossi.

This Wednesday it was confirmed that in the 2022 season of MotoGP, will make its debut in the paddock the team of Valentino Rossi. With the support of the Saudi oil company Aramco, Rossi will enter as manager of a structure. However, he will have the possibility of retiring, if he wants, with his own team. Giacomo Agostini he repeated this fact in 1977, when he retired from the category.

However, this is not confirmed. Valentino continues his relationship with Yamaha, that to continue with the current results, it will not be the best. That is why this Wednesday, the right hand of Valentino Rossi, Alberto tebaldi, spoke with the media and gave details of what will come in the world of the nine-time World Champion.

Fulminant complaint against Valentino Rossi: “Washing in sport works”

“We had always dreamed of getting to MotoGP. In view of the development of our team and our academy, it can be functional for our pilots. It all started from there. The desire to have a team of Moto3 It came because our boys needed it. Then they started to go fast and it came Moto2. They kept going fast and we started to say: it would be nice to do MotoGP », confirmed Tebaldi.

Academy pilots

Unlike Moto2 and Moto3, Valentino’s MotoGP team will not be exclusive to the riders of the Academy. “We hope and dream that our pilots reach the level to get there. Otherwise it will also be open to others. Much will depend on the bike we choose. It will work in a very similar way to other satellite equipment ”, suggested Tebaldi, who confirmed that the brand of the motorcycle will be known in the French Grand Prix.


Finally, Tebaldi assured that he does not have a concrete answer about what will happen to Valentino in the near future. On the other hand, he also did not say if Rossi will be in his new team as a driver, although he did not rule it out completely. «The decision will be to continue or not will be Valentino’s. Then it will also depend on which motorcycle we use ».

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