Villarreal vs. Arsenal – Game Report – April 29, 2021

Villarreal vs.  Arsenal - Game Report - April 29, 2021

(EFE) .- Villarreal wasted an opportunity to travel with a loose score to London and although they won the match 2-1 against Arsenal, they left alive a rival who handled the ball well in some phases of the clash, but only he made a scoring chance throughout the match.

The first half was dominated by the local team and it was resolved with a 2-0 and although in the second half the team did not shine, the expulsion of Dani Ceballos half an hour from the end, did not reward the team that played with eleven and Arsenal , with a penalty goal and after Capoue was sent off, he left La Cerámica with a hopeful 2-1.

The game opened with Villarreal’s first arrival at Leno’s goal with a cross shot from Manu Trigueros to Chukwueze’s pass, which gave way to a phase of a certain territorial dominance of Arsenal, although the English team did not show deep in their attacks.

Little by little, Villarreal leveled their forces and their game during the initial half hour of the crash, thanks to their ability to get the ball out and to neutralize the opponent’s attacks, which were mostly timid, but which could balance the shock at any moment. .

Half an hour into the game, a corner taken by Parejo was prolonged by Gerard and Albiol, only at the far post, extended the lead with a second goal that marked substantial differences on the scoreboard for the home team.

From then on, Villarreal was more confident and the London team went through a phase of doubts, which did not prevent Pepé from being knocked down in the local area. Although the referee whistled a penalty, the VAR showed that he had taken the ball by hand and this foul was signaled. From there to rest, there was more offensive presence from the locals than from the visitors.

Villarreal was armed in the center of the field after the entry of Coquelin by Alcácer after the break, which did not prevent that in the initial minutes of the restart it was played near the goal of Rulli, although without the Argentine goal living situations of trouble despite the fact that his team was too stuck in their field.

When Arsenal showed itself best, a lack of Ceballos on Parejo led to the expulsion of the Spanish player from the English team, which gave way to a final half hour in which the advantage on the scoreboard and the numerical superiority put the game very expensive for Unai Emery’s men.

The expulsion allowed Villarreal to recover the ball they had lost since the break and created a new scenario. Villarreal had the chance to extend their lead and turn the score into a win, while Arsenal couldn’t give up going into the tie with an away goal.

At the halfway point of the second half, Villarreal had not managed to win the game and, in addition, a penalty awarded to Trigueros over Saka, transformed by Pepé, gave life to an Arsenal that until then had been unable to create danger before the goal of the local team, but he had been very capable of keeping the ball.

Shortly after the match leveled off with the expulsion of Capoue and entered the final ten minutes with equal forces in a level final stretch despite the advantage that the local team had had until the break. In the end, Arsenal left happier than the locals from La Cerámica.

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