What happened? Diego Sánchez, out of his battle with Donald Cerrone

Diego Sánchez.

A few hours ago, they confirmed that Diego Sanchez may not be in combat with Donald cerrone. After the harsh words of “Cowboy”, people close to the historic fighter announced that he will not be able to be inside the Octagon on May 8. Clearly this caused many versions and different criticisms for the legendary martial artist, although more details are expected.

Although they did not disclose the reason why Sanchez He will not be able to be in the cage, there are several rumors that began to circulate on social networks. Therefore, an explanation is expected from you or from your team to the press and fans. So far, it is not understood why he had to leave. Anyway, it is not believed that Cerrone take it at ease.

Tore it apart! Donald Cerrone attacked Diego Sánchez

What Sánchez wanted

Not long ago, Sanchez He highlighted the following in this regard: “You will see me at my best, and I don’t know what will happen Donald, but you will see me at my best. I’m going to go in with everything I have, all my skills, everything I’ve learned over the course of this race and at the end of the race, really sharpening that blade. I am going to take care of myself and I am going to move correctly ».

«I am going to move there without problems. We’ll make this shit look easy. ‘Cowboy’ might be planning to end those five fights he signed when he signed Conor McGregor’s contract, but since I’m ready for retirement, ‘Cowboy’s butt better prepare for retirement too. He does not know, but this will probably also be his retirement fight, ”he also commented.

Cerrone is upset

For its part, Cerrone He said, “The things he says right now before the fight don’t matter to me because it’s just him publicizing himself. It’s the things he said when I left Jackson’s, those are the things that piss me off. For example, he went to these restaurants and these places where we had signed photos and he ripped them all off, videotaped them, and did a great deal. So yeah, he did a lot of things under the belt, he said a lot of nonsense.

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