Boxing has become a sport for fans 50 and older, says Triller president

Boxing has become a sport for fans 50 and older, says Triller president

Ryan kavanaugh, President of the company Triller said boxing has become primarily a sport for amateurs aged 50 and over, who were trapped in the 1990s, when Mike tyson he was the king.

“Boxing evolved to have an audience of more than 50 years,” he said. Kavanaugh to the program At the Fights. “We needed to find a way to make it attractive to a wider audience. Today’s boxing audience is extremely different from fans of the era of Mike tyson. It’s about time we changed the script. And change the format of boxing and provide a solid alternative. “

One of the strategies that Kavanaugh followed with Triller To attract younger audiences, it was to seek out celebrities from social networks, and to change the atmosphere of entertainment.

“One change boxing needed was camera angles,” he said. Kavanaugh. “That was one of the significant changes I made.”

Kavanaugh He is undoubtedly having great success with his company due to the slap fights and exhibition battles starring old glories or youtubers such as Jake paul.

Triller seeks a new era in boxing

Ryan kavanaugh talked about the champion’s contract Canelo Alvarez and the platform DAZN, which in his perspective is bad for the boxer.

“On the strategy of DAZN with Canelo, a deal like that only works 5% of the time. Treats like that turn them into hired servants for the platform or the promotion, ”he clarified.

And he assured that one of the successes is not having fighters with long-term contracts or trying to control them.

“I don’t believe in hiring fighters because I don’t believe in owning anyone. We do this by asking them if they are willing to fight in Triller, that’s the way to go, “he added.

“We go to the fighters, we offer them the opportunity. Tell them to look for an offer and say its price, ”he argued. “What we do is keep the doors open for all fighters and not change the business model of any of the promoters. If the fighters don’t want to fight Triller, they are welcome to decline. We do not order anything from them ”.

Ryan Kavanaugh (left) is the president of Triller.

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