“I don’t want to be fat anymore”: This is how Andy Ruiz and Chris Arreola looked today at the weigh-in

Ya no quiero estar gordo: Asi lucieron Andy Ruiz y Chris Arreola hoy en el pesaje

Andy ruiz Y Chris arreola They complied with the weigh-in prior to their fight this Saturday, May 1, at the Dignity Health Sports Park, from Carson, California. Andy scored 256 pounds, while his opponent left the scale at 228.5 pounds.

The Mexican arrived with a notable reduction in weight, a product of the work carried out in recent months with Eddy reynoso and the Canelo Team, with whom he has trained since the end of September 2020. Both Andy ruiz What Chris arreola They arrived in great shape at the weigh-in, with 228.5 pounds, Arreola marked the lowest weight of his entire professional career.

There was a big difference in the work he did during this training camp and the fat reduction he did, revealing his broad back and little belly.

“It’s all hard work and dedication,” he shared after the weigh-in with Fox Sports. “Since I train with Eddy Y Canelo it’s all discipline, discipline, on and off the court. I was able to go lower, but felt great at 256 ″.

Andy Ruiz and Chris Arreola weigh-in background

Andy recorded his highest weight in his career in his professional debut against Miguel Salvador Ramirez at 297.5 pounds, taking the win in Tijuana, in just 35 seconds. Later, over the years, his weight hovered between 245 and 270 pounds.

In the first fight before Anthony Joshua, in which he surprised the world by ending the British undefeated by knocking him out and keeping the belts OMB, IBF Y AMB of full weights, in June 2019, it registered 268 pounds.

The victory brought reflections to those he was not used to at his 33 years, taking him away from adequate preparation for a rematch.

He was seen at parties and with an unkempt physique in the following months, reaching the rematch in December at 283 1/2 pounds, the highest weight in his career in 10 years and more than 15 pounds than he had scored in his first. shock.

During the last months, the important physical change of Andy, getting to receive compliments from Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, Eddy reynoso and his own father, who already stressed that mental work has been fundamental to recover the best version of Andy.

Ruiz He pointed out in recent days that his life changed thanks to an Instagram message in which he asked Canelo to train with them in order to aspire to reach the top again.

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