Marc Márquez continues to suffer with his injury: “I’m taking a lot of antibiotics”

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez will contest his second race since he was injured in the Spanish Grand Prix of MotoGP. The Spanish pilot returns to the circuit Sherry, where in 2020 he injured his right shoulder, which made him undergo surgery three times and left him out of the competition for nine months. Despite being back, Márquez assured that “I am taking a lot of antibiotics.”

The physical condition of the Spanish rider is not the best and he showed it in the last Grand Prix. YES he could well finish the Grand Prix of Portugal, Márquez could be seen waving his right arm whenever he could, as it constantly ‘seized’ him. On the other hand, according to his words, hasn’t touched a motorcycle since the race in Portugal, on the recommendation of doctors.

This is how Marc Márquez works for the Spanish Grand Prix

That is why, in the press conference prior to the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, Márquez clarified that he will not seek to fight for high places, but rather that he wants to repeat what he has achieved in Portugal. Everything is calmer. It feels like a normal weekend. My physical situation is not very different. It will be very important. We did not set any objectives, just drive and earn kilometers, “he said.


A few days ago, Márquez confirmed that he was arriving at the Jerez track without having ridden on a motorcycle. However, he assured that he was preparing a routine for the test this Sunday. «From Portugal to here I have trained a little, just in the gym and some cycling. Always taking it easy because my body was asking me for some relaxation.

“Bone and muscle come first, I’m still taking a lot of antibiotics and it takes time to recover. It is true that it is difficult to feel that way at 28 years old, but I know that soon we will withdraw the antibiotics and everything will get a little easier. Basically I stayed at home, relaxed and training a bit, “said the eight-time World Champion to finish.

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