Another Mexican surprises in England! Jovanni Straffon knocked out James Tennyson

¡Otro mexicano sorprende en Inglaterra! Jovanni Straffon noqueó a James Tennyson

The Mexican Jovanni straffon traveled to Manchester, England, to knock out and derail the Irishman’s aspirations James tennyson to be crowned lightweight world champion from an unrecognized body, the IBO.

Tennyson he is a strong Irish lightweight puncher who was being projected for a starting shot in one of the biggest divisions in boxing today. But, again, an unknown Mexican who they nickname “Impact” came to England to generate exactly that: an impact.

It was in the same round when Straffon impact knocked out Tennyson. Both left from the first bell to the war. Tennyson He wanted to immediately impose his punching power that had led him to knock out 24 opponents in 28 victory. But in the exchanges, Tennyson he suffered the first blow he received from the Mexican and took a couple of hesitant steps backward. There the possibility of drama loomed.

They were give and take exchanges. Tennyson he threw three hard blows, and Straffon I answered them one by one. But with one minute left in the first round clock, the Mexican finished an exchange in the center of the ring with a powerful left hand to the chin of Tennyson that was stumbling from the center to the ropes. He was seriously injured, tried to stand up twice and fell again, until he was able to rejoin.

The referee let him continue, although the Irishman was seriously injured. Straffon it was for him. Tennyson He took refuge in the ropes, but the Mexican’s bombs entered his face dry, and the referee stopped the fight a few seconds later.

A) Yes, Jovanni straffon, the “Impact” from Minatitlán, Veracruz, gave the great surprise by defeating James tennyson. He was left with a world championship belt, which more than a recognized title, will serve as a trophy for the great feat of having gone to England to knock out Tennyson.

The memories of last February appeared, when another Mexican, Mauricio “Bronco” Lara went to Wembley, England, to knock out English Josh warrington, weighted the best pen in the world.

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