Dmitry Bivol wins unanimous decision over Richards: Does he pose a threat to Canelo?


Dmitry Bivol successfully defended his light heavyweight world championship AMB by overcoming by unanimous decision Craig richards in Manchester, and the question immediately arises whether the Russian poses a threat to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

In the previous one, one of the most recurrent questions that Bivol was asked was if he was interested in a fight with Canelo. The Russian responded without overflowing enthusiasm, but without closing the door. He assured that he could still drop to 168 pounds to face the Canelo, and of course, he could also face it if the Mexican fought again at 175.

And the fight against Richards, answered some of the questions that would haunt a possible fight with the Canelo. Yes, it seems feasible that Bivol I can dial in 168 pounds to get down against the Canelo because, at 1.83 tall, he’s a light heavyweight guy. Nor does he have the muscle mass of a Beterbiev, for example. His body looks more like the Lefty Ramirez, without the stature. That is, it can go down.

Beyond the physical characteristics, is it Bivol a fighter who may pose a threat to him Canelo?

Bivol He doesn’t fight like a light heavyweight. He fights more like a much smaller weight. He has very good hand speed and hitting precision. His style is not exactly counter-puncher, but it is very reminiscent of the best years of Marco Antonio Barrera, that is, a fighter who feels extremely comfortable releasing his hands on the opponent’s blows. Throw fast, accurate combinations, even when he’s taking hits. Perhaps it lacks to have a more sustained aggression, and to stay more busy in the rounds.

But that is his main virtue, the ability to put accurate combinations and speed. The thing is, beyond that, Bivol it doesn’t seem to have great punching power. In fact, in his last five victories, with that of Richards included, Bivol failed to knock out.

The triumph of Dmitry Bivol on Craig richards it is a clear summary of who the Russian is. TO Richards, Bivol He was punishing him with an accurate and heavy jab that shook his head with every contact. But beyond that, she could never really hurt him. It never seemed like Richards was shaken or hurt. That is another thing to keep in mind as between deficits of Dmitry Bivol.

For the same reason, the apparent lack of punching Dmitry Bivol does not appear to be a threat to him Canelo. On the contrary: the Mexican would come out as a favorite over Bivol. The Russian gets many hands, in his eagerness to put combinations receiving blows. That makes him a potential victim for the backlash from the Canelo.

The threat of Dmitry Bivol for him CaneloSo it seems to be more present in the imagination of those who have never seen the Russian fight than in reality.

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