After exiting his fight with Donald Cerrone, Diego Sánchez was fired from the UFC

Diego Sánchez.

The historic MMA fighter, Diego Sanchez, will not continue to compete in UFC after his last loss. The aforementioned was going to face Donald cerrone, but a last-minute departure led to the battle being canceled. Therefore, in the absence of an official confirmation of his “health problems”, the company did not hesitate for a second to notify him of his dismissal.

After the controversy, Charles lakins, lawyer of Sanchez, mentioned: «When Diego is specifically asked to provide written confirmation, he has no neurological problems, which is impossible for Diego to say that one way or another, and the next day, I answer him: ‘He can’t do that, it’s impossible, ‘they cancel it, for me, that’s a bit suspicious.’

What happened? Diego Sánchez, out of his battle with Donald Cerrone

“I just got a text message from someone in my medical department, and you called them for ‘a formal request for all pre-fight medical records from Diego‘. But most importantly, the direct quote I received was that you said that the ‘long-term effects of Diego being an MMA fighter’ were your basis for requesting it, ”the executive of UFC, Hunter Campbell.

An unexpected end

In turn, he said, “I went through this with Mark Hunt, and this is reality. If you’re worried or he’s worried he’s having negative effects, then we’re not going to fight him, and I’m going to pull the fight right now, and we’re going to call it a day, and he can do it. Go do something else with your life. Because I’m not going to put anyone in that cage who doesn’t feel 100 percent or who thinks they are suffering from a medical problem. “

“Their position is that they just can’t risk a fighter being in a fight if the fighter can’t represent that they don’t have any short-term or long-term medical problems. I am not an expert in any way as to what the contractual requirements of UFC. But from what I understand, they require UFC athletes to perform certain tests in the run up to a fight, and Diego, from what I understand, passed them all, “he closed Charles lakins, lawyer of Diego Sanchez.

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