Approaches? The unmissable crossword between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou on Twitter

Francis Ngannou.

Jon jones is ready to cross against Francis Ngannou for the title, which he made known on social media. In these hours, the Heavyweight champion of UFC is red hot, with the American waiting to be the new leader of the division. Although there is nothing closed between the two, the words that were exchanged on Twitter left MMA fans with great anxiety.

I’ll take care of @JonnyBones first. Then come after @Tyson_Fury », was what the Cameroonian champion of UFC. Given this, Jon posted a video of himself as never seen before, with impressive speed on the treadmill. “It feels great to unlock a different level in my athletics! (Hand with a “call me” gesture), “he wrote alongside said material.

Hello champion! Francis Ngannou and his multitudinous received after winning the UFC title

Later, Jones wrote: “He raced through the Light Heavyweight division on talent, about to cut through the Heavyweight division like dominoes of sheer hard work. You motivate me. As a reply, Francis He stressed: “Jonny shouldn’t have to motivate you… if it’s not in you you’ve already lost it. I know my motivation (Globe with Europe and Africa inside) ».

What will happen?

«The greatest title in the world is returning to the greatest country in the world. Oh you know what’s inside of me @francis_ngannou, you’ve never seen me quit. I pray you knock me out because if I don’t, I’m going to break you, and that’s a promise, ”Bonny said. «Please don’t make me laugh (Yawning face)! When was the last time you took someone out? (Thoughtful face) », replied the champion.

Honestly, I really respect you and your story. I really don’t feel the need to crush you in a verbal battle to do what I’ve done to everyone since 2011. I’m just telling you now. If you want to start this chat online, be sure to keep up to date. Most people who talk shit to me shut up after a while. Everyone will be the first to crush Jon Jones, a very popular topic, “he closed Jon jones.

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