Clear message from Green Bay Packers: “We’re not trading Aaron Rodgers”

Aaron Rodgers

The internal situation of Green bay packers has been tense in the context of the Draft of the NFL, and the name that is generating a stir is that of Aaron Rodgers. The historic quarterback of the franchise would have asked his departure after some discontent with the board, and now the general manager, Brian Gutekunst has clarified the situation: «we’re not trading Aaron Rodgers«.

It was last Thursday that the bomb of an alleged Aaron Rodgers’ request to leave Green Bay Packers. The quarterback has played his entire career in the Wisconsin franchise, playing 15 seasons and winning a Super Bowl. Now his stay is up in the air because of some discontent from the veteran.

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Aaron Rodgers is planted in Green Bay

According to ESPN, the annoyance of Rodgers goes back to the 2020 Draft, when the leadership changed with the Miami Dolphins and selected quarterback Jordan Love in the first round. While the decision was Gutekunst’s, the team’s star holds owner Mark Murphy responsible for not vetoing the pick at the ceremony.

This situation would have been escalating, and would have been the spark that ignited the quarterback’s discontent against Green bay packers. Now the quarterback is rumored to be determined to exit the franchise, and teams like the LA Rams and San Francisco 49ers have sounded like potential trade destinations. It has even been said that the player values ​​retirement.

New pronouncement from the Packers

Faced with the tension generated in recent days, Brian Gutekunst has once again spoken out publicly on the subject. “We’ve been working with it for some time, and I just think it will take a little longer. But he’s a guy who makes things work. It gives us the best chance to win, and we will work toward that end. We will not redeem to Aaron Rodgers«.

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