Did it bring you luck? Jiri Prochazka and his hairstyle, straight to the chance for the UFC title

Jiri Prochazka.

This Saturday night, in the UFC Vegas 25, Jiri prochazka got a more than important victory. In addition to what was the spectacular nature of his knockout, the victory could deposit him directly in the opportunity for the title of the leading company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Therefore, after the fight with Dominick Reyes, he spoke with the press and was forceful.

Starting with his sayings, Prochazka He said, “Yes, I think I deserve that fight, but my journey in UFC it’s so fast and I’m not enjoying it as much as I want. But I think so, I deserve that title fight. As I said before, I would like to enjoy more the step by step, the victories, the knockouts, everything that happens. Anyway, that does not cover my desire to have the belt in my possession.

A show! Jiri Prochazka’s impressive knockout of Dominick Reyes at UFC Vegas 25

That was just the flow. Just the flow. That is why I have this antenna in my hair, to capture these ideas. Did you see my blocks? My defense. In the first fight, in my debut in UFC, there was no defense. There is not that much defense in this fight, but this is how it worked. I still have to fix some things to continue on this path, “also expressed the extraordinary fighter.

Goes for everything

On the other hand, Jiri He said, “It’s a great feeling. Dominick was a great opponent and he’s a good guy, like a person. After the fight and before the fight I felt from him, just nothing. No hate, just pure fighting, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I like. I just want to show the beauty of Mixed Martial Arts, but sometimes I go too fast for victory and catch some punches and that’s a mistake.

But I’m learning fight by fight, that can be seen clearly. I know that it is so. I just flow. After a few kickbacks from Dominick, I can’t get a chance to think of some plans. I was just in the flow. I thought, ‘after that, maybe turning my elbow. Okay, let’s try. ‘ We’re going for that belt, “he said. Jiri prochazka.

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