“Don’t tell me I only won two or three rounds”: Chris Arreola’s angry reaction against the judges

La reacción enfurecida de Chris Arreola contra los jueces

Chris arreola enraged at the judges’ cards that were awarded as the winner by unanimous decision of Andy Ruiz, this saturday in the Dignity Health Sports Park.

“I respect the judges, but today they were very bad,” he said at the end of the fight. “But I think beauty is in the eyes of those who look at it. (Ruiz) could have won, but don’t tell me I only won two or three rounds. Get away. Everyone can suck my penis… ”.

The judges Lou moret Y Pau russell they hit their cards 118-109, that is, in three they saw Arreola in two rounds, including the second in which he sent Andy to the canvas.

Judge Zachary young scored 117-110, giving four to Chris by eight from the former world heavyweight champion.

Chris arreola He was angry with the judges’ work immediately after the presenter announced the ruling. During the match he managed to connect and put Andy in trouble.

“They raped me and didn’t even give me a kiss,” he considered Arreola at a press conference. “Maybe he did beat me, but they only give me the round that I knocked down, I’m serious! I had no respect from the judges. My respect for Andy, but he didn’t beat me like the judges told me. Why did they give me only one round? “

However, as the assaults progressed, the good work of Ruiz was counteracting the danger of Arreola, who began to have problems with his left shoulder.

According to the statistics of CompuBox, Chris arreola threw 245 power shots, of which he landed 75, while Andy pulled 238 of power, of which 106 entered.

“The judges must put on headphones to be able to block the sound”, it emerged Chris. “I do not take anything from Andy, But don’t let them rape me like that. We trained very hard for this fight and I did what I had to do. There are no moral victories ”.

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