From another planet: Pedro Acosta won again in Moto3 and is already the figure of the World Championship


16 years of pure talent. Pedro Acosta won again in Moto3 And with at this point he is called to be one of the best pilots in the world. Motorcycle World Championship. Once again he gave the driving chair at the Jerez circuit, starting from 13th place and avoiding all the risks that the Spanish track presented. It was a very eventful race, although not with serious consequences.

A spectacular comeback and enviable speed made Acosta once again be in the main focus of the motor world. This 16-year-old took his third win in four races and it seems to have no limits. Not only did he win the test, but he also made a huge difference in the championship, which has him as the top candidate.

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The Spanish Grand Prix it was a real roller coaster. The drivers faced the many dangers that the Jerez circuit presented throughout the weekend. Many, who had already warned this Saturday that the track was very dangerous, quickly went to the ground and were out of competition. Fortunately, no pilot suffered serious injuries.

Gabriel Rodrigo, Argentine representative in the category, he had been leading the test with some comfort, but a strong accident left him limping and out of the race. Previously, and when there was only one lap, several pilots crashed after touching in a spectacular accident. Acosta was able to surf these drawbacks and took another epic victory that leaves him comfortable in the championship.

Championship status

Pedro Acosta won his third race in the 2021 season and leads the championship with 95 points. However, its most immediate pursuer is far away. Niccolo Antonelli I get to 44 points. The top three of the rankings closes it Andrea Migno with 42 units. The next race will be in two weeks, at the Le Mans circuit, for the French Grand Prix.

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