He ridiculed it! Colby Covington Tried Jake Paul to Tramp

Colby Covington.

Colby covington, UFC star, made a fool of Jake paul in the last hours. The American will be the one who crosses Kamaru Usman in what follows, so the public already stands up. In what will be the next defense of the Nigerian, the contender is already preparing for the rematch and analyzing how he can snatch the crown from the king. Anyway, he did not waste time to liquidate the youtuber.

In that sense, Covington He said: “Everything that is happening with him is very funny. This guy is a hobbyist. ‘Snake Paul’ is literally a bum. He is a Disney YouTube star. He is not a true fighter, he is an amateur, he is nobody. It would literally pluck pubic hair from her face. What I know about him is that he only seeks to exaggerate and become a true fighter. He is not a real fighter, this guy is nobody from the streets.

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That roster fight with Ben Askren was a job. They made that a solution. Askren dove for the money and that’s it. I don’t really get much more out of that Triller circus. It is literally a circus, it is the clown show. No one has time Saturday night at midnight to hear a one-hour Justin Bieber special between fights. Come on, this is a joke, “he said.

Can’t stand Paul

On the other hand, Colby He said, ‘He wouldn’t do that. It’s not that stupid. Just look for old, retired and finished fighters. He’s not looking for a guy in his prime who is the best in the weight class who can really throw his hands. You’re looking for fighters, jiu-jitsu fighters, guys who supposedly did MMA, but are literally 40- or 50-year-old virgins. He’s not going to call someone who really knows how to fight.

Diaz was a couple of seats down from me, front row. But he knows more than that than talking to me. He’s the ‘Stockton I’m Boy’, he’s not going to mess with ‘MAGA Bombs’. Someone was asking me, ‘Do you think Nate will fight again?’ I’m like, I don’t know, I could. If you do, it will be a cash robbery. It’s not going to be anything like it’s a legitimate threat to anyone. Honestly, you saw Tom Brady in the building, “he closed Colby covington.

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