Lewis Hamilton won the third round at the Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton

Ended on Grand Prix of Portugal of the Formula 1. On the Algarve circuit, in the Portimao area, Lewis hamilton he led most of the race, and had a near perfect day. The duel against his greatest rival this year, Max verstappen, lifted the millions of motor racing fans from their seats. The third round of this fight went to Lewis, who leads the championship after the race.

The beginning was perfect for Verstappen and for Valtteri Bottas. The Finnish rider defended the first position of the start very well. However, Bottas’ pace was slowly dropping. Mercedes He had the long-awaited 1-2, but Hamilton began to impose little by little. Lewis was nearly two seconds faster per lap than his teammate.

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Despite Bottas’ fierce defense, Hamilton passed him like a plane. From there, the Englishman was little by little faster than his rivals. In this way he was taking off from Verstappen and Bottas, who was the second. For his part, the Finn did his job perfectly, slowing down the Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton made a big difference and managed to beat his teammate and Verstappen. However, on the last lap of the race, Max Verstappen was left wanting to have the extra point. In a masterful play by the Red Bull team, the Dutchman set the fastest lap of the race, hitting Valtteri Bottas on the final lap, but this was erased for exceeding the limits of the track. Bottas, for his part, was able to maintain third place.

Championship status

With the victory this Sunday in the Portuguese Grand Prix, Hamilton continues to maintain the leadership of the Formula 1 World Championship. The Englishman reached 69 points, taking 8 out of Max Verstappen who is second in the World Championship. For its part, Lando norris he is still third, after finishing fifth in the race.

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