What happened? Diego Sánchez stoned UFC and Dana White for being fired

Diego Sánchez.

Diego Sanchez, a historic MMA fighter, will no longer compete in UFC after his unexpected departure. The aforementioned was going to cross against Donald Cerrone, but a last minute injury led to the battle being canceled. Therefore, in the absence of an official confirmation of his “health problems”, the company wasted no time and notified him of his dismissal by email.

Given this, Sanchez He said: ‘It was a message that said:’Diego, you need to check your email, because Hunter sent you an email, and it is extremely important that you read this email and reply to this email by tomorrow, or the fight will be canceled. ‘ The UFC wanted me to say that I am not experiencing any neurological problems and that I have no long-term health side effects from fighting a 16-year career in UFC«.

After exiting his fight with Donald Cerrone, Diego Sánchez was fired from the UFC

“My advisers told me, ‘Basically what they’re trying to do is, right before you finish your last fight, they’re trying to make sure they have documentation of you saying you never suffered anything. So basically, you are being forced, being bullied into giving up your medical rights, possible medical responsibilities of UFC. That said, the email was sent to Hunter and the response was very quick, ”he commented.

Is firm with your opinion

In addition, Diego He stated: “The letter said they had chosen to pay me 100 percent for the fight, show money, earn money and sponsorship. Why, when this has already been done, do I have to say this, say that? Yes, my manager asked me for my list of doctors throughout my career. I have had many injuries. I want to have my story. This is my medical history. I want to have it on file. I want to have what you have UFC«.

It’s my medical health, right? And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t feel like, after I’m done, if the president of UFC, Dana WhiteHe’s not answering my calls right now, he won’t let me have a meeting, and I’m out of the UFC. Do you think I will be able to contact someone? I’m never gonna get shit out of them. If this were the case, I would not be by his side, supporting him. The truth of the whole thing is that he and I support each other against a global monopoly organization of one billion dollars, “he concluded. Diego Sanchez.

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