With doubts, but overcoming adversity, Andy Ruiz wins a unanimous decision over Chris Arreola

Con dudas, pero remontando la adversidad, Andy Ruiz gana por decisión unánime a Chris Arreola

In their fight back, and reinvention, Andy ruiz rowed from adversity, and after recovering from an early fall, wins a loose unanimous decision to Chris arreola Saturday night in Carson, California.

It was not the overwhelming night, nor the devastating performance that was expected of Andy ruiz, after extensive physical preparation, and cutting a large amount of weight. However, Ruiz He was able to pull himself together at a too hesitant start, to gain a foothold in the fight, and win most of the rounds.

The start of the fight was dark for Andy ruiz. In the second round, Ruiz sought to enter the guard of Arreola but ran into a solid hand of Arreola that sent him to the canvas. Ruiz He looked more surprised than hurt. Ruiz he looked confused, shaken, nervous, hesitant. It seemed that the pressure was dominating him.

Later in the second round, Arreola shook again Andy ruiz. In the third round, Arreola put his hands back in, and surprises, shakes, Ruiz. But from that moment on, Ruiz he recovered and began to take hold.

Until that moment, Andy ruiz he seemed a victim of pressure. He had an obligation to comply, convince, win and knock out. That was a world over for Andy.

The fall was surprising, traumatic. And the worst ghosts appeared. But suddenly, one remembered, the narrators remembered and he himself remembered, that thus he had gone to the canvas against Anthony Joshua before making history. And that memory restored a bit of serenity and order in the chaos. Andy ruiz He also seemed to take comfort in that thought. In that thought Andy He became strong to come back in a fight that after the first four rounds, was losing 38 to 37.

From the fourth round, Andy ruiz he was a clear dominator. It began to settle down. He threw his jab down systematically, to go Arreola, and that began to reduce activity to Chris. Andy He was looking to combine in such a way that he could finish off with a left hook on Arreola, and with that blow he began to score points.

In the fifth round, Ruiz he already saw himself in complete command of the actions. Managed to shake Chris arreola at the end of the round, who begins to look more passive, more inactive, before the systematic attack of Andy ruiz under.

By the sixth round, in the middle of the fight, it was when it felt most comfortable Andy ruiz. He released his hands with more naturalness and energy. Live the best moments of the fight. Particularly, in the combinations of three hits that ends up finishing up, usually with the left hand, to undermine Arreola.

Andy I was starting to score points because I closed the rounds better. Yes OK, Arreola it started strong, it was Andy the one who got into the rhythm of the fight in the second half of the rounds to finish the episodes more aggressive and fuller. That gave him an advantage against the judges in rounds that seemed close like the seventh.

But if something seemed to weigh like cement to Andy ruiz they were his own ideas. He seemed too calculating, tied up, as though overthinking the blows. He dominated, but not overpowering. He did just enough to dominate, and he succeeded, because Arreola was fading from the fight. But Andy ruiz It seemed at that moment, to fight more with himself than against the rival.

And then when it seemed like Andy ruiz Hit the gas for the knockout, he seemed to be engrossed in his own thoughts. The fight, at that time, lived its eighth round with a Ruiz little determined that he was like hunting the perfect hit, which never came.

It could have been a thousand things. Perhaps overtraining, perhaps instruction from a coach like Eddy reynoso who is looking to change your style. The point is that Andy ruiz he looked uncomfortable in the rhythm of the fight, he rarely seemed to find the timing of the strike. But also, Andy ruiz it looked typically slow, when weighted like faster hands in heavyweights.

Of all the good that Andy Ruiz’s physical preparation had, something went wrong in the area of ​​explosiveness and hand speed.

The ninth round passed in the same vein. When Andy ruiz He turned up the revolutions, it seemed that the fight could end with a knockout in his favor, but between his thoughts, and the normal physical wear of the fight, the knockout never came. Even so, he landed the most forceful blows, before a Chris arreola that he was lost in his very inactivity.

When Ruiz I let go of my hands Chris arreola acknowledging receipt. And in a strange movement, when they connected him solid in the jaw, he would shake his arm as if he had injured his shoulder. He did it on a couple of occasions, which seemed like clear blows of Andy ruiz.

The tenth round, Chris arreola he experienced a slight awakening. He began to be more aggressive and to get his hands on Ruiz. Not explosively, but solidly to take that 10th round. Despite Andy, he closed it tight, it was not enough to overcome the advantage that Arreola had achieved in the chapter.

The last two rounds were for Andy ruiz, which closed the chapters louder, and became more explosive, while Chris arreolaAs was a constant most rounds, it started out strong and faded at the end.

The result was a clear victory, on points, for Andy ruiz. And it was baggy, though not as baggy as two of the judges saw it, scoring 118-109, while the other judge saw it win 117-110. The official card of LEFT PUNCH, saw win Andy ruiz 116-111, with nine rounds to go Ruiz, and three rounds for Arreola, and in one of them knocking down Ruiz.

Andy ruiz He wins clearly, but although it sounds contradictory, it leaves doubts, and pending issues, that he will have to work on in the gym. Chris arreolaAs anticipated, it was no flan. He went out to fight, not to give anything away, and to complicate everything he wore. Andy ruiz He did the hardest thing: go back, shake off the pressure, and chase away the demons. The exorcism took a few rounds, but it came. What comes, must be improvement for Andy ruiz.

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