Are you retiring? Jon Anik’s comment on what would happen to Chris Weidman in the UFC

Chris Weidman.

The commentator of UFC, Jon anik, was forceful in these hours and highlighted his thinking about Chris Weidman. The seasoned and former company champion, who badly broke his right leg two weekends ago, discusses his future. Although he will be several months without being able to train, the journalist does not rule out that he will return to the cage better than he was.

Starting, Anik He said, “Oh my God, I’m losing my mind and I get emotional just thinking about it. I am extremely close to Chris Weidman and obviously Ray Longo is one of my best friends. They’ve been on my podcast since episode one, and that’s six years, so I spend a lot of time with them during fight week. I love Chris so much and I hate seeing someone go through this, but I feel so bad for him. “

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At the time, I was out of my game. I missed a promo sign, I try not to make that happen. It was totally out of place. The only thing that could have saved the night was what happened, that we saw some of the best results in UFC championship history because we were all in a very bad place for Chris. And for Uriah, they will move it forward, “said the commentator.

To return to?

What’s more, Jon He explained, “He’s on a four-fight winning streak and this sport is insane. I think if you didn’t have all the respect you needed for these athletes, something like this happens and then you do. To highlight, Weidman he had said, ‘The surgery was successful. They pass a titanium rod through the tibia, pass through the knee, and insert the rod into it. They pierce it through the tibia and straighten and harden it. ‘

“My fibula broke too, but I guess when they put the tibia back together and my leg was straight, the fibula returned to coincide with the place where it was broken and they feel that it could heal on its own as long as I’m not putting on weight. about that and those things, “he said Chris. “The surgery went well and I think the fact that one of the bones is lining up on its own is a good indicator that maybe it can go back to competition even sooner than people expect,” he said. Jon anik.

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