Bomb: Deshaun Watson could miss the season due to allegations of sexual abuse

Deshaun Watson

The situation of Deshaun watson becomes increasingly serious after formal complaints against him for alleged cases of sexual abuse. Up to 22 signals fall on the quarterback of Houston Texans, and everything indicates that the player will not be part of the team for the new campaign of the NFL, as reported by the American press.

The NFL has been attentive to the delicate situation facing the quarterback, Deshaun watson with the authorities of the city of Houston. After the lawyer, Tony Buzbee, announced that he had 22 testimonies from alleged sexual victims of the marshal, the formal complaints began, and Justice closely follows the football player.

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Houston Texans

For weeks, in the midst of all the scandal, the local press announced that Watson had requested the Texans leave the franchise as a trade, and a total of 8 teams were interested in the QB. The franchise would have accepted immediately, and it has been almost taken for granted that, if he did not see immediate consequences for his positions, he would have to, at the very least, leave the Houston team.

This theory was supported by the way it moved Houston Texans in the Draft. The southern team used their third-round pick (via Miami Dolphins) to draft Stanford quarterback David Mills. This is a clear indication that the leadership is preparing for the departure of its quarterback, although they affirmed that it is a pick to strengthen their line of passers.

Out of season

Now, it is very likely that Deshaun watson don’t even play the season. This was revealed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “The fact is, there are people in league circles who believe that Deshaun watson will not play this season. There are people who believe that their career in Houston is over. The Texans They know they face a tremendous amount of quarterback uncertainty, which is why they used the third-round pick at Davis Mills.

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